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custom pens1

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Screen Printed apparel is a proven way to drive sales, build brand recognition and professionally outfit employees. Our shop is equipped with both automatic and manual presses. Automatic presses allow us to produce thousands of shirts in a fraction of the time that it takes most other local shops or garage operations. Our manual presses allow us to produce a wide range of specialized printing processes and locations including; metallic foil, glitter, glow in the dark, puff printing, sleeves, custom neck tags, fabric, bags and more. Whether you need a few dozen or several thousand screen printed shirts, the quality, service and capability of our “warehouse in the berry field” will make us the last printer you pick.


Embroidery adds a premium element to brands and professional look to corporations. Not all embroidery is created equal. Logo conversion, needles, threads, backing, and the machine itself can make the difference between an ugly puckered patch or a beautifully embroidered logo. Our shop uses premium materials, expert digitizers and multiple industrial grade embroidery machines, to deliver brand quality embroidery. From delicate linen monograms to leather motorcycle club jackets and everything in between to handle any job or quantity.

Banners & More

Banners, bandit signs, flags, magnets and more. Banners are a great way to turn a fence into a billboard. We offer outdoor banners in nearly any dimension with heat-welded hems, grommets, paracord and pole pockets. Our banners are built to last, luckily we offer other products to keep you coming back. Some of our other product lines include but are not limited to pens, business cards, flyers, door hanger, mailers and nearly 800,000 other promotional products and printed items. We’ve been referred to as a “one stop shop”. At the end of the day our products are all here to help you build your business and connect with more customers.

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Forex tester 2 dax, Withdraw your profit

Located in Plant City, FL, Our goal is to make you feel welcome, while simplifying the process of putting your idea, logo or brand on anything you can think of.
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Latest From The Blog

Summer Fun Horse Shirts

July 1st, 2015|0 Comments

Bring in Your Creativity - Let us put Your favorite Horse, Dog, Cat , Etc on a shirt for you.

A & R Air Solutions

July 1st, 2015|0 Comments

Welcome to the Neighborhood !!

We Are Red, White and Blue – Are You?

June 15th, 2015|0 Comments

Introducing the new 8-7-6 shirt.

April 28th, 2015|0 Comments

The new 8-7-6 shirt pricing from The Neighborhood Print Shop is an industry exclusive price structure to make ordering custom shirts that much easier. For quantities ranging from 24-48 shirts, this is [...]

What Client’s Say

The guys here are very helpful, knowledgeable, and great at what they do. I would recommend them if you need a shirt printed up for your group or function.