Do you need to raise money for your school and aren’t sure what fundraising option is the best? No matter what your reasons and needs are, you’ll find that a t-shirt fundraiser is the secret to making it happen. We have planned and executed apparel based fundraisers for public and private schools, colleges, universities, businesses, non-profits, preschools, after school activities, and sports programs. After years of experience, we’re here to share the formula with you.



Now, more than ever, schools have tight budgets. This means fundraising has gone from a bonus to being crucial for many programs. Without successful fundraising campaigns, schools often have to forego a host of activities, from special events to school trips. At the end of the day, what usually gets cut are the opportunities for making memories. If you want to raise money for your school, you’ll need to choose a fundraising idea that will maximize your earnings and time spent. We believe that t-shirt fundraisers provide the highest value for supporters while generating the most revenue for your program.

man holding scissors attempting to cut an anthropomorphic school building in half.

Why T-Shirt fundraisers are the Smart Option

In short, apparel has value long after a fundraiser is over. When someone donates and receives a high quality T-shirt they remember you every time that shirt rises to the top of their drawer. When they go out wearing your shirt they also become brand ambassadors. The same principle behind what makes a T-shirt such a powerful marketing tool for businesses and clothing brands makes them doubly effective as a fundraising tool. You are getting paid to spread the word about your campaign!



Why T-shirt fundraisers remain so popular

The popularity of T-shirt fundraisers goes well beyond the windfall they provide to your school. When you order custom t-shirts online and sell them to and through students, you are giving each contributor the opportunity to show their support and then show that they supported. In a small way when they wear your t-shirt they are showing everyone that they’ve backed a good cause. In essence the shirts become a wearable good deed, and that positive feeling makes them a success for everyone.

Compare that to an overpriced tin of popcorn. The school gets a small percentage, the parent purchased out of obligation, and there is no residual value beyond a regifted stale tin under someone’s tree!

How to Set Up a Campaign

The process for a T-shirt fundraiser is straightforward:

  • Either send us your completed artwork or tell our artist what you’d like and let us design it for you.

  • Determine what shirt color, style and fabric you want.

  • Print flyers and order sheets for your students.

  • Return the order sheets to us.

  • In 7-10 days we’ll return the completed shirts to you for your students and faculty to distribute.

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