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Raise money for Charity. Earn money for yourself. Get shirts for your cause.


Hey, we’re so glad you showed up to check out this opportunity! The hardest part of success is making an attempt; and just by coming here, you’re among the top 4% that took the first step. You may be asking yourself if this is worth your time.  Get this, over 73% of people who contact us and come on board earn money. When an opportunity just works, and this does, you are the biggest deciding factor in whether and how much money you make. Forget the get rich pitfalls like vitamins, shakes, MLM’s, and Pyramid Schemes. This is custom shirts. Every org, every club, every event has custom shirts. Just two steps, a click to get here and a text, call, or e-mail to get started. That all it takes for you to go from being another nameless face in the crowd who sees our ad on Facebook/Instagram and assumes they can’t and instead become that 1 in 4000 who tries and earns $100-$500+ from each order, over and over. That said, this is for college students; specifically those who are already active in a sorority, fraternity or other philanthropic organization. We want to give back to the students who are already going above and beyond!

We get it.

You’re a starving college student. All of your time is split between midnight cramming sessions, extra curricular volunteering, and good old-fashioned partying. With so much on your plate, how are you supposed to earn any money? That’s where we come in. It seems like every other day there’s a new shirt being sold on campus. You might have even wondered who’s getting rich on THAT deal? The answer is pretty obvious, not you. That’s about to change.

The idea is simple.

Find the people who are buying the shirts in your school, connect them to us, handle some of the details, and get paid. Here’s the secret, professionals selling to colleges bring down 6 figures. The college market is massive, and the hardest part of their job is getting in the front door – your front door. We’ve seen how companies and sales reps circle like vultures. So we’re flipping the industry on it’s head; cut out the middlemen, give to students, and help them give to great causes. As a student you only have so many hours, would you rather earn at a minimum wage slog, or get paid at a 6 figure rate? Seriously, each order takes a few hours over a handful of conversations and you’ll get anywhere from $100-$500, regularly. Those are run of the mill order numbers. Big orders can and do earn thousands. That’s a lot of money, enough that you can take care of yourself and give back to great causes too.  Let’s review:

It gets better though. As you start pushing orders through, other students will want to get involved. Bringing them in will qualify you as a team leader, earning you 5% of their order (they still get 10%) as well. What we’ve found is that you only have so many hours to dedicate on your own, by bringing in other people, you’ll be able to earn more in less time. That’s what this is about, earning money, forget trading X hours for X dollars.

So how exactly does this work?

Well if you’ve read this far, we might as well break it down. The first part is finding the decision makers in the clubs, sororities, fraternities, student government, volunteer programs, etc. You may already know them. If so, the first few orders should be a breeze. Before you can give them a price for the shirts, we need to know;

  • How many shirts they want
  • What type of shirts they want (are they looking for basic shirts, do they want pockets, long sleeve,  or something like comfort colors too?)
  • Whether they have a design or an idea that they want us to design for them
  • When they need them
  • Where they want the art and how many places.

When we know what they are looking for, we can tell you how much the order and each shirt is going to be. This part may seem like just note taking and message delivery. Really though, it’s important that you have good communication skills, because we’ve only got one chance to get it right! The initial process will take a few days to a week while we get the price, artwork, and mockups sorted out. Once we’re a go, we’ll collect the total through an online invoice and our team will launch in to high gear to produce the shirts. When production is complete, we’ll ship the shirts directly to the end recipient – with tracking. Just follow up with them when they come in to make sure they’re happy and we’ll Paypal or Venmo the money to you and cut a check to the charity of your choice same day!

Joe, University of South Florida.

Earned $4,726.41 last semester as a Student Team Leader and local Representative.

Seriously, if he can do it, anyone can. Just look at him.

PS. If you meet him, don’t tell Joe we mocked him in the ad, it’s better this way.

If this sounds interesting to you. If your time is short and working a minimum wage job sounds like a death sentence ; call, text, e-mail, or fill out the form below to get on board.

Call: 813-704-4832 (Office)

Text: 813-418-9384 (Richard, FtG Coordinator)